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What is Poppy Swap?

Poppy Swap is an online market place of all natural herb and herb inspired products. We host independent herbalists, wildcrafters, gardeners, farmers and sustainable wholesalers who make their own products or grow medicinal plants.

Poppy Swap introduces people, plants, and products. We on a mission to ignite these relationships, foster herbal enthusiasm and  to "bring people herbs."  

This site promotes sustainable commerce that supports artistic value.

Poppy Swap is developing community that cares about the planet, it is a resource for personal and environmental education and a great meeting place for people to connect about herbs, spirit and sustainable living. 

Poppy Swap will only list products that are made out of natural ingredients or that have been produced in a sustainable, holistic manner. We do not promote or support the trading of intoxicants or illegal substances.

Become a Poppy Swapper!

It is easy to become a Poppy Swapper! Whether you make medicinal tinctures, beautiful body care products or simply grow an abundance of mint every year Poppy Swap wants to learn about your herbs.

Poppy Swap provides a flexible, affordable website for your business that will be seen by people from all over the world who are interested in your herbal products.

It is important that we all work to practice sustainable methods in our work. Poppy Swap is dedicated to supporting ethical methods of herbal crafting. Part of swapping is sharing our ideas and experience with these methods.

Shop the Swap!

When you shop the swap you have the opportunity to learn about herbs. You can shop for exotic herbs from around the world or meet and learn about the herbalists in your own local region. All sales on Poppy Swap are made directly by the Poppy Swappers who are independent vendors of the site. We simply provide the venue for buyers and swappers to connect.

Payment is made direct to the seller who will ship the goods to you directly. Please see the product listing for postage and shipping details.


You can purchase ad space on Poppy Swap to highlight your products or services. Banner ads will show on specific pages of the site and you can feature your store in our front page gallery.

Our Classified Ads section will be the perfect way to announce your services or events. It is also a great place to sell surplus equipment or sell your business.

About Our Team

Hello fellow poppyswappers!

My path to herbs started with an interest in environmental conservation and a calling as an acupuncturist. For ten years, I have been practicing acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. I have been a humble observer and a grateful facilitator. The herbs are so generous. Their teaching and healing, so eloquent.

Last summer, I began wildcrafting Artemesia sucksdorfii to make organic moxa for my acupuncture clinic. My experience getting to know that plant and the incredible impact of it's medicine inspired me in my mission to bring people herbs!

The play and delight of working with other herbalists, loving the people in my local neighborhood and the plants in our back yards has brought great inspiration to my life. Creating a bridge that bonds plants with people, is my joy and my gift.

I hope that this site will bring fun, peace, and healing to us all.

Love, Kiki
bring people herbs!


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