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Body Ease Muscle Salve 2 oz
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Location: Colorado, United States
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Listing Date : 7/22/2012 8:59:37 AM
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Body Ease Muscle Salve 2 oz
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A deep penetrating and pain relieving salve that is good for any of your aches and pains including relief and support for:

• sore and pulled muscles
• poor circulation
• bruises & contusions
• arthritis
• sprains & strains
• inflammation & swelling
• recovering breaks and fractures

Use in lieu of ben gay or tiger balm. Much better for your skin and your health!
All organic and natural ingredients.

Includes one, 2 oz tin with screw top.

Hand-and heart-crafted in Westcliffe, Colorado.

Use for acute or chronic injuries or ailments, or simply after a long ride, a fun day on the slopes, or after a good work out that has left your body a little achy!

Massage therapists and yoga practitioners find using Body Ease Salve to be supportive in their work and aids in relieving tension and distress within the body.

This salve warms to the touch creating a gentle heat for deep tissue action. Please keep out of eyes and mouth--ouch!

Herbals Actions:

♥ Cayenne:: is a rubefacient--meaning when applied topically it increases circulation by stimulating the dilation of the capillaries, thus drawing or pulling blood from deeper parts of the body into the area in need offering relief from internal aches 'n pains.

♥ Arnica:: analgesic(pain relieving) one of the best herbs to use externally for bruises and sprains and anywhere there is pain or inflammation of the skin, so long as the skin is not broken.

♥ St. John's Wort:: when used externally St. Johns Wort is a valuable and healing anti-inflammatory remedy and can speed up the healing deep and superficial bruising.

♥ Comfrey:: a highly regarded herb to help heal fractures. Often used in compress or poultice form or internally in homeopathic form (which I recommend if you look into if you currently have a break or fracture) the oil extract of comfrey can offer assistance as well.

♥ Calendula:: wonderful anti-inflammatory for the skin due to physical damage. Treats bruises, strains, and sprains.

♥ Eucalyptus Essential Oil:: analgesic (pain relieving) and rubefacient (increase circulation), eucalyptus essential oil is also a stimulant which will quicken and enliven the physiological functions of the body, in other words, kick your body’s own innate healing capabilities into gear! This is my favorite tree in the whole world—I even have one growing in my house! The smell of eucalyptus reminds me of the ocean in northern California—a soothing and calming aroma of which its medicinal qualities also impart.

External use only. Do not use on open wounds.


HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF (testimonial)
"I was suffering from lower back/hip pain recently. I did everything possible like stretching, icing, ibuprofen, but then last evening I remembered I had my “Aches & Painz”. I “liberally” rubbed it all over the area that was causing me the problem, went to sleep and I am 100% telling the truth, that I was pain free this morning. If you play sports, and have knee, shoulder or back pain, and you want to use something natural, then I would highly recommend you purchasing this product".
Painless In California (Sally)

All natural and organic ingredients: arnica, calendula, cayenne, st. johns wort, and comfrey, oils of: olive, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and hemp with eucalyptus essential oil and natural bees wax.

**PLEASE NOTE: I've changed the name of this salve from Aches 'n Painz to Body Ease. Same great ingredients and actions, just a new label! And I am in the process of updating my photographs to reflect the new look!
Sold Out.
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