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Enchanted Forest
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Ananda (95)
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Enchanted Forest
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Enchanted Forest Collection


Perfect Match: Hikers, Wildcrafters, Hunters, Forest Lovers, Tree Huggers, Druids, Gardeners, Wilderness Instructors, Camp Counselors, Kayakers, Parents of small children, Eczema skin types. 


Step into the heart of the resinous conifer forests of New England. Breath in the aromatic pines, taste the tingle of the black birch, and feel comforted by the nostalgic aroma of the white fir. 

The magic and healing of the forest comes to you thorugh my handcrafted Enchanted Forest set, with a salve perfect for cool weather adventures and an elixir to bring you close to the spirit of the trees while keeping your lungs and circulation healthy. 


Enchanted Forest Wand

Ideal for carrying with you in a backpack or purse, with it's durable and easy to use twist up tube. Packed full of concentrated tree healing, this salve releives chapped dry skin, itchy patches, irritated hot spots, and the generous amount of Norway Spruse resin draws out stubborn slivers and imparts potent anti-microbial action. Especially protective against cold, wet weather. Easily doubles as a diaper rash salve, razor burn remedy, and all purpose family balm.

Care: This wand is made slightly soft in order to be the perfect application consistency in cool or cold weather. Please store in a cool dry place to avoid it becoming too soft. 

Formula: 100% Wildcrafted Herbs:  Needles and twigs of White Pine and White Fir infused in extra virgin olive oil, Norway Spruce resin, unrefined local beeswax. (1/2 oz)


Enchanted Forest Elixir 

Ground your spirit in the deep roots of the forest, settle tight lungs, and warm your body with imporved circulation. Enchanted Forest Elixir is the perfect best friend of the Forest Lover, overly busy outdoor leader, travelling performer, and hard working naturalist or mentor. Help find your deeper rythmms through entraining your body with the heartbeat of the forest, like a Mother Drum, she calls you back to your truest patterns of growth and cycles.

Formula:100% Wildcrafted Herbs:Black birch twigs, Hemlock tree needles & twigs, White Fir needles & twigs, White Pine needles, extracted in Brandy, New England Raw Honey, and Vodka. (2 oz) 


Freebie! Every collection I offer comes with a little free treasure and a hand written card simply to say thank you. 

Forest Blessings...













Sold Out.
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