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Recovery Gift Pack for Sobriety
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Recovery Gift Pack for Sobriety


Congratulations on your decision to live a healthier lifestyle or to assist a friend on the road to a healthy recovery. Herbal Medicine can greatly assist the process of letting go of the addiction and balance stress, erratic emotions, curb cravings, and get some much needed sleep. This Gift Pack is especially designed for those on the road in sobriety or recovering from an addiction; including Benzodiazepenes.

When there is a dependency on a particular substance the body goes through great stress when the substance is removed, sometimes for over a year. Because of this stress the nervous system, adrenals and the liver will need support to come back to normal levels in a balanced healthy way.

Plant medicine comes from living organic matter and is easily assimilated by the body unlike other supplements and chemical pharmaceuticals. This formula also contains many essential vitamins and minerals that help the body come into a natural state.

This gift pack contains a 1oz Recovery Glycerine Tincture - taken daily to assist the body's physical, mental and spiritual function to it's natural state

Nite Cap Tea Blend - One cup at bedtime to slip into a restful sleep, relieve stress and relax.

Up-lifting Roll-on Aromatherapy - Use throughout your day to balance emotions, stress and calm the spirit.

West Coast Smudging Oil - A spiritually grounding oil to cleanse, protect and connect to your spirit

All of our tinctures are made with all natural vegetable glycerine containing no alcohol so it is completely safe to take for those who cannot or do not want to have alcohol.

As with all Herbal Medicines they should be only taken under the guidance and care of a qualified health care practitioner.

Always follow full instructions on labels and precautions.

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