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Exquisite Enfleurage Rose Flower Cream
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Location: Pennsylvania, United States
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Listing Date : 5/21/2012 4:13:35 PM
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Exquisite Enfleurage Rose Flower Cream
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Rose Flower Cream

“Full of love she is Aphrodite’s servant”

-of Rose, Achilles Tatios (139 BC)

0.85 oz amber glass jar

53% Organic Ingredients AND local beeswax used to make this product!

The Exquisite Enfleurage line features fine botanicals and flowers sure to delight the senses and beautify the skin. **For a more complete experience, see the listing for ‘Skin Care Package’ or the ‘Choose Your Flower Set’ to purchase additional products at a discounted price**

Rose Flower Cream is sure to send you to a euphoric, rose-filled land. Formulated with many precious ingredients, Rose Flower Cream is fitting for all skin types. Though this is a light cream with no greasy residue, it is deeply penetrating and has anti-aging properties. The rose has been used for everything from depression, sorrow and fever to eczema and to balance both oily and dry skin. Pure rose essential oil is used in this cream and the aroma is one of the enchantments of being human. Alkanet root (Alkanna tinctoria) infused in Sweet Almond oil colors the cream a lovely shade of pink, completing the truly sensual experience.

Rosewater and Sandalwood hydrosol blend together to increase the toning benefits. Sandalwood hydrosol adds just a touch of warmth and grounding. It is tonic for inflamed and itching skin and is antiseptic as well.

Organic Rose Hip Seed oil is extremely high in gamma-linolenic acid and Vitamin C, making it ideal for keeping skin youthful and regenerating cells. It is often used to heal scar tissue and prevent fine lines.

Plum Kernel oil is rich in Vitamins A, E, Oleic acid, linoleic acid and anti-oxidants. It is a skin softening oil and is easily absorbed by the skin. Jojoba oil quickly penetrates the epidermis and acts as a “second skin” providing protection yet allowing the skin to breathe. Carrot seed essential oil is used for dry and aging skin, brown spots, blemishes and wrinkles.


Neither the product nor description has been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Sold Out.
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