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Bliss Blend
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Bliss Blend
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To help you in your journey of awesome is the beauteous Bliss Blend. While Bliss Blend can be enjoyed throughout the day, I find it to be wonderfully suited to the evening hours. I made this tea originally when a friend of my was feeling overwhelmed and anxious by trying events in her life and I continue to recommend it to folks who are more prone to anxious states, nervous chatter in the head, and insomnia. Bliss Blend will help to relax you, refresh you, and help you sleep if that's your need.

Bliss Blend is full of bliss and the following herbs:

SKULLCAP Scutellaria lateriflora: For nervousness, fear, and a sense of being overwhelmed, Skullcap stimulates the brain to produce more endorphins in the system. It also relaxes spasms and promotes healthly sleep patterns.

LAVENDER Lavandula officinalis: Settles the nerves and promotes calm while providing the mind with much needed clarity and focus.

SACRED BASIL Ocimum sanctum: Brings us to a vibrant state of health and well being through its adaptogenic properties.

3 ounces loose leaf tea. Makes 30 - 40 cups of tea!

All herbal teas are best enjoyed within a year from date of purchase!

Read about Bliss Blend's Tea Twin, A General Sense of Wellbeing, here:

To learn more about brewing a cup of loose leaf tea visit: http://wortsandcunning.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/how-to-make-tea/

Sold Out.
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