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Flea Flee Herbal Flea Repellent
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Flea Flee Herbal Flea Repellent
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Flea Flee – Herbal Spray Made by HerbalWise 2 oz bottle Flea Flee Herbal Spray is a natural insect repellent spray that's safe for dogs and cats - and their people! It keeps away a variety of annoying insects and has a pleasant herbal-citrus scent. You can use this natural repellent as needed with outdoor cats and with dogs before a trip to the dog park, doggy day care, training class, etc., to minimize the chances of bringing home fleas. Make Flea Flee Herbal Spray a part of your holistic flea prevention or treatment plan. Ingredients: Water, Eucalyptus, Essential Oils of Organic Citronella, Eucalyptus,Rosemary Discontinue use if your pet shows any change in condition that concerns you, and contact your veterinarian if problem persists. Instructions for Use: For Dogs: Shake well. Spray thoroughly on fur, including legs and stomach, rubbing it in if necessary. Repeat weekly, or as needed depending on the severity of the insect problem. Always reapply after bathing or when your dog gets completely wet. Be careful not to spray in the eyes, nose, or mouth. For added protection, spray bedding area. For Cats: Shake well. The essential oils in this formula should be well tolerated by most cats, however, a small number of cats may be sensitive to them, so use the spray lightly, particularly on the first application. For cats that dislike having spray applied directly on them, spray onto hands and rub onto your cat, or apply sparingly with a cotton ball around ears or other vulnerable areas, avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth.
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