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Lion's Tail (Wild Dagga) Tincture 1 oz {Limited Edition}
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Location: Florida, United States
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Listing Date : 2/5/2013 6:14:31 PM
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Lion's Tail (Wild Dagga) Tincture 1 oz {Limited Edition}
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Lion's Tail (Wild Dagga) flowers are harvested and tinctured by the lunar cycles from our family farm, and infused in vodka for a clean flavor.  We've long used Wild Dagga, a South African herb that grows well in our Florida climate, in its traditional fashion as a relaxing herbal.  In South Africa the flowers are smoked; to save our lungs, we opt for the tincture. More information can be found below on its purported medicinal uses.  

This is a limited edition tincture from our 2012 harvest.


Thanks to Kiki and staff for their amazing interview.  We're so thankful for your support!  Learn more about our work at the interview here: http://community.poppyswap.com/5704/emily-ruff-kin-of-the-plant-clan/



Per entheology.com: The extract of wild dagga has antispasmodic effects, and is an antiacetylcholine and antihistamine. Wild dagga can be used to treat irregular or painful menstruation and to improve circulation. In one experimental study, which was undertaken to investigate the antinociceptive, antiinflammatory, and antidiabetic properties of the leaf extract, it was found that the plant possesses properties that help manage or control painful, arthritic, and other inflammatory conditions, as well as for adult-onset, type-2 diabetes mellitus. This study gives pharmacological credence to South African folkloric uses of the plant. Extracts of wild dagga have also been used topically to treat boils, eczema, and skin diseases, and taken internally as a tea it can help treat headaches, bronchitis, high blood pleasure, influenza, and asthma. 

Sold Out.
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