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Watering Hole Iced Tea Blend - Organic
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Watering Hole Iced Tea Blend - Organic
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Our Watering Hole Iced Tea Blend is lightly caffeinated and bursting with red color but promising coolness. Our Iced Tea is slightly sweet, slightly sour and completely delicious. A great post-workout drink and for when you’re feeling overheated, heat-cranky or wanting to lure friends and family away from their busy schedules for some sweet and easy conversation, Watering Hole Iced Tea Blend is here for you. 

ROOIBOS Aspalanthus linearis: Righteous, red bush Rooibos (pronounced roy-bus) comes to us from the western region of South Africa’s Cape Region. Rooibos is an herb rich in antioxidants and restorative properties used in the treatment of such conditions such as allergies, eczema, indigestion, headache and tension. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and cooling to the body.

HIBISCUS Hibiscus sabdariffa: Another name for the beautiful red Hibiscus flower is sour-sour which aptly describes its cooling flavor. Hibiscus is especially rehydrating with its electrolyte content and is also rich in vitamins A and C as well as beta-carotene. 

YERBA MATE Ilex paraguariensis: Blood cleansing, lightly caffeinated, and stimulating to the mind, Yerba Mate helps us to tolerate the hot weather that brings us to drinking iced tea in the first place! Improve your memory, cleanse your body and stress less all while keeping it cool – nice.

JASMINE Jasminum officinale: We included fragrant white Jasmine flowers in our blend because of their harmonizing effect on the mind, body and spirit. Dream-inducing, Jasmine helps us dwell more deeply in beauty, transforming the heat of exhaustion into the fires of passion.

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3 ounces of loose leaf tea. Makes 20-30 cups of tea!

All herbal teas are best enjoyed within a year from date of purchase!

To learn more about brewing a cup of loose leaf tea visit:http://wortsandcunning.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/how-to-make-tea/

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