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North Star Chai Organic Potpourri
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Listing Date : 7/1/2012 9:15:29 PM
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North Star Chai Organic Potpourri
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As the owner of a small business with integrity, every things counts, this is why I diligently work toward zero waste.  North Star Chai Potpourri is one result of this.  Once my liquid North Star Chai Concentrate is brewed and the spices haven't enough flavor for another brewing, rather then discarding them, I have turned them into a fragrant potpourri!  Now your home, car, office or wherever can smell of a freshly brewed pot of masala chai, without the hazardous chemicals.

This ALL NATURAL (100% organic), no-weird-stuff-added room freshener is WITHOUT Phthalates!  Go figure.  Phthalates are chemicals used to dissolve odors (found in most commonly used air-freshers).  Other uses of phthalates are to soften plastic and are found in sealants and adhesives.  I mean really, if you knew all that, would you continue using plug-ins or spray cans?
More at: http://www.thebetterhealthstore.com/newsletter/11-21_NovemberNews02.html



The Potpourri can be displayed in a bowl on the table, hung from the rear-view mirror, thrown under the seat, in a sauce pan with water on the stove top over low heat or even baked.  

In larger quantities, I've seen this chai mulch work wonders in the garden keeping the weeds down, slugs out and my yard smelling fantastic (especially when it rains).

Reduce by Reusing!



Sold Out.
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