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Sky Island Spell Elixir and Salve Duet
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Sky Island Spell Elixir and Salve Duet
Sold Out.

The remarkable, stunning and biologically diverse mountains of the southwest are known as Sky Islands, haboring unique plants, migratory birds, lush oases, and a magic uncompared.  

In this potent elixir and salve set, I've combined two of my favorite plant friends from the Sky Island mountains of my beloved desert home, Lemmon's Marigold (Tagetes lemmoni) and Juniper Tree (Juniperus deppeana).  

Let these two powerful and protective plants cast their spell...

Protection- Both are aromatic, resinous plants long used both as a smudge and in other forms to protect from negative outside influences, both energetic and physical.  They will disinfect with their potent oils, and keep negative influences from invading your space, personally or ceremonially.  This is meant to be used internally, but try it externally as well!  Great for disinfecting the digestive system, skin, respiratory system, or urinary tract.

Ancestors- Marigolds have traditionally been used in Day of the Dead festivities in the southwest and in Mexico for centuries.  They decorate graves and are used in ceremony to honor the beloved ancestors who have gone beyond.  Juniper is grandmother, is teacher, is guide in the other realms. Let them stand together as we journey into the dark time of the year, and connect with the energy of our ancestors, and our shadows.

Euphoria- Marigold is a remarkable mood lifter and euphoric ally that can transport the blackest of moods into a realm with more sunshine, warmth and hope.  Especially useful for those who get stuck under the black cloud of gloom and need to bring their natural light back to the surface.

Digestion- Marigold and Juniper paired together are a delicious, warming, aromatic bitter for the digestive system, allieviating indigestion, gas, coldness, stagnancy, and poor secretions.  Use before meals to improve digestion, or after a meal that leaves you feeling less than comfortable.  

This is a limited edition offering.

1 oz Elixir Contains: Tagetes lemmonii, juniperus depeanna, raw honey, alcohol

1.7 oz Salve Contains: Tagetes lemmonii, juniperus monosperma, olive oil, beeswax

Sold Out.
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