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Chrysalis & Catalpa ~ Botanical Perfume & Tree Elixir
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Chrysalis & Catalpa ~ Botanical Perfume & Tree Elixir
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Chrysalis & Catalpa


Allies for Transformation

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Chrysalis - Botanical Perfume Oil

What makes us come alive can also cause us worry or uncertainty. As we grow our wings through our internal spiritual journey, we often need comfort and grounding to help us feel supported and reassured. The juxtaposition of incredible tenderness with the emergence of incredible unique beauty is a treasured experience to behold and allow, and it also must be protected in the process.

Chrysalis Botanical Perfume Oil embodies this process of becoming. As I listen and taste the newness of spring, I feel the change and rebirth of the land; the playful bursts of flowers, the wet green fields, and the fragrant blue tips of the evergreens. It is moist and verdant and bright all at once. It is deep earth and sharp wind, it is soft wood and sparkling trees.

On the warm skin of your wrist, this affirmation-like aromatic will open with brightness and clarity, assisting in positive mindset, hope, renewal, and creativity. It may remind you of walking through wild chamomile on a summer’s day, or the effervescence of an English garden. Sauntering in next you may notice the standing ones; the green needles of Tsuga, and the warmth of sacred Frankincense and Sandalwood. Mandarin hints here and there with lightness, and holds hands with the sweet basil heart notes. Creating the depth and backbone for you to rest your worries upon are the deep resonant notes of Kapur, Oakmoss, Benzoin, and  smoky White Birch – as though the Monks are singing you their overtone harmonics and holding space for you to transform. This blend is somewhere between a hymn and a mantra.

Chrysalis is grounding, supportive, inspiring, and earthy. It is unusual and difficult to describe, but speaks to the succession of spring’s opening and will support one’s personal transformation.

It is perfect for a Beltane rite, a Rite of Passage Ceremony, or when forming a new habit.

Ingredients: Pure Essential oils and/or Oleoresins of: Frankincense, Kapur, Tsuga, Vanatu Sandalwood, Mandarin, Roman Chamomile, Benzoin, Basil, Rose Geranium, Oakmoss, White Birch, in a base of pure Jojoba oil. (1/2 oz clear glass perfume bottle)


Catalpa Flower Elixir Essence

This is a Mother Elixir intended to be used in small “flower essence” type doses. You may use 2-4 drops as needed, or dilute it further in your own blend or charged water.

I spent quite a bit of time with the beautiful Catalpa tree in front of my house last year.  Many times I inquired of its gifts and blessings. All year long it stands strong and graceful, with long opened bean cases dangling from its crackly style body. And then in it erupts in huge green leaves and then huge orchid like flowers! A wondrous sight they are!

As I collected these exquisite flowers, I opened to their message, and it came through loud and clear: “Flower even while falling apart”

I noticed how fast the blossoms seemed to fall from the tree. As if the beauty was so immense that they couldn’t contain themselves. An overflow of blossoming and an insistence on living in the full beauty of the moment even though change is always upon us. I knew it was an ally for transformation – a flower message of transcending fear and embracing presence.

lngredients: Fresh Catalpa blossoms extracted in brandy and local raw honey.
(½ ounce amber bottle)


FREE Lip Balm included. xoxo 

Sold Out.
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