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Location: Idaho, United States
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Listing Date : 4/8/2012 1:48:20 PM
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Sold Out.
Lg. 6 OZ. FLEA, MITE, LICE & TICK POWDER... It has done so well we have come out with a new 6 oz bottle which has a double lid. One side shakes, the other side is for measuring more.
$15.00 super bargain!
Yes! This powder will work on furry friends and feathered friends.
It is awesome. If your cat also sleeps on your bed or your chair etc. sprinkle it there too. There are no chemicals or toxic ingredients in this powder yet it works amazingly within just a few hours. As soon as the mite, flea or whatever insect gets it on it's body, it causes them to dehydrate and die quickly. This is an insect reaction only, it does not affect animals in any way. In fact if you suspect internal parasites or worms, stir a small amount i.e. 1/2 teaspoon, into your pet's food on a daily basis for a week or so.

If your Birds are being Bugged, sprinkle under their feathers down to the skin, the cage bottom and nest box.

FURRY pets should be sprinkled onto a grooming brush and combed thoroughly through your pets dry fur. Apply around head and ears, being careful to avoid eyes, nose and mouth.
Sprinkle Flea, Mite & Tick Powder in and on the animal's bedding to eliminate them where your pet sleeps as well.

If your pet spends time in YOUR bed, sprinkle it too, but you'll need to purchase a larger quantity! We'd be happy to provide larger quanties at a discount. Neither you nor your pet should inhale the powder as these herbs have toxic properties even though they are natural and organic.

Ingredients: American Pennyroyal, Larkspur, Wormwood, & D.E.
(Delphinium nuttallianum, Monardella odoratissima, Artemisia absinthium and organic Diotomateous Earty Powder).

Our pets are our responsibility for we have domesticated them to the point that they can no longer care for themselves as their ancestors did.

All the remedies are easy to administer and assimilate for our Pet's body as well as our own, recognizes the herbs as food, not a chemical with side effects. Simply apply the appropriate dosages as directed either orally, topically, as a spray or capsule, in your pet's food, or mix with a small amount of their water. It is our greatest pleasure to bring these products to you and your pet. Please check out each of the product pages for more Pet products.

Our medicine-plant wild-herbs are grown by Nature, refreshed by mountain breezes with no pollution, washed and watered by high country Northern showers, warmed by beautiful high-country sunshine, rested and rebirthed under the most beautiful blanket of powder snow in the world.

New Items will be available as the seasons change. Spring is bud and sap rising time, Summer is flowering and fruit time, Autumn is seed and root gathering time and wonderful Winter is when they all rest and prepare for another year of gift giving while we have an opportunity to update our websites, do research, and write Newsletters to keep you up to date too.       
Sold Out.
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