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Alumroot Capsules (20 package)
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Alumroot Capsules (20 package)
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20 capsules Heuchera rubescens. Alumroot can be taken for treating diarrhea. Take 1 to 2 capsules with water, when needed.
Alumroot is often overlooked unless it is in bloom. In the springtime many small flowers, ranging in color from pinkish-white to light green, bloom intermittently on leafless spikes. They tend to cluster along one side of the stem. The leaves are basal, ranging from ½ to one inch across. The root is large, scaly from dead growth, and usually angled out or even downward from rock crevices. It has a dark coating and inner pith that ranges from flesh colored to pink.

Constituents: Includes tannin, phlebotannins, and assorted polyhydric phenols with galloyl glucosides.

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