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Freshly Dug Teasel Root 1 lb.
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Freshly Dug Teasel Root 1 lb.
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Freshly dug and cleaned for use in teas, tinctures, salves and other herbal formulations.

TEASEL Dipsacus fullonum

Cautions: Over consumption of the root can lead to sleeplessness.

Constituents: Theine (caffeine), tannin, gallotannic acid, boheic acid, volatile oil, aqueous extract, protein wax, resin, ash and theophylline.


Analgesic – A tincture of the flowering heads helps relieve nervous headache. Take ½ tsp. of tincture in warm water, as needed.

Appetite stimulant – A tea of the dried, powdered root (1/2 tsp. per cup of hot water) acts as an appetite stimulant. Drink one cup 30 minutes before mealtime.

Dermatological aid – Traditionally Teasel has been used to treat conditions such as warts, fistulae (abnormal passages opening through the skin) and cancerous sores. Teasel Ointment, made from the bruised roots is good not only for warts, but also against boils and abscesses.

Eye aid – A cold infusion of Teasel leaves makes soothing eyewash, taking away redness and inflammation. Strain the infusion through a coffee filter before applying to eyes.

Liver aid – Teasel has a beneficial effect on the liver, helping with jaundice and gallbladder problems. A mild tea of the flowers, taken over a period of two to three weeks, has been used as a remedy for jaundice.

Lyme disease – Teasel is excellent for chronic inflammation of the muscles, with limitation of movement and great pain. Chronic inflammation and pain, with destruction of muscles and joint, is one of the major symptoms caused by spirochetes. After entering the body through a tick bite, the spirochetes burrow into the muscles where they settle down to live. Take 3 to 5 drops of Teasel tincture 3 times daily.

Stimulant – Teasel exerts influence over the nervous system, resulting in a feeling of comfort and exhilaration. It causes wakefulness when taken in large doses and may cause nervousness--similar to that experienced after drinking too much coffee. Teasel Stimulating Tea can bring about greater mental alertness for short periods of time. Drink one to two cups as needed.

Stomach aid – Teasel has stomach-soothing properties, cleansing the system and improving digestion. Simmer 1 Tbsp. of the chopped dried leaves in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Cool to drinking temperature and strain. Drink the tea as needed.

Teasel Ointment
Gather the roots in early spring. After rinsing off any dirt pound them before packing the pounded mass into a glass jar. Cover with olive oil and allow mixture to stand for three weeks. Strain the oil through cheesecloth. Let the oil settle for a few hours, then carefully pour the oil off of any water which has accumulated in the bottom of the container. Thicken the oil with beeswax and store in small, sealed containers.

Teasel Stimulating Tea
2 Tbsp. dried chopped Teasel root
2 tsp. dried American Pennyroyal

Simmer the chopped dried root in 1 pint of water for 10 minutes. Add dried American Pennyroyal leaves. Cool to drinking temperature and strain. Drink one to two cups as needed.

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