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Shooting Star Seeds 75 per Package
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Location: Idaho, United States
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Listing Date : 12/22/2014 8:35:04 PM
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Shooting Star Seeds 75 per Package
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(Dodecatheon pulchellum) Zones 3 - 6 This may be the Shooting Star best suited for the rock garden or container garden; though it grows in a variety of conditions, it is the one found in sub-alpine meadows – suggesting the need for better than average drainage to help protect it from our soggy winters. As the common name describes, the small flowers that gracefully float 12-18” above the foliage generally number only three per flowering stalk.

Propagation: Place the seed with some moist, sterilized commercial seeding mix inside a plastic bag, then store it in a refrigerator for a period of time to break down the natural chemical germination inhibitors within the seed. A typical period of time is about three to four months. Then sow the seed as usual by starting indoors under lights. Another approach is to sow the seed in late fall in pots, then leave it outside in a protected (but unheated) coldframe for the winter.

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