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GOLDENROD, 32 oz. Health & Liver Aid for Pets & People
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GOLDENROD, 32 oz. Health & Liver Aid for Pets & People
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This 32 oz bag of Dry Organic Goldenrod gives you enough to make a few recipies just before the Hayfever Season starts. Goldenrod is effectively used for Pets and People, browse through the uses below.

Allergies – The yellow flowers of Goldenrod is the signal to hay fever sufferers that their misery is about to begin. This is because the showy flowers of the GOLDENROD appear at the same time the Ragweeds bloom with flowers that produce the airborne pollens largely responsible for the hay fever experienced in the fall.  The Goldenrod Leavces are attached individually to the stem.  The Ragweed Leaves look more ‘fern-like’.     See pictures below

Goldenrod flower tea is used to relieve pollen allergies.  A large amount of the flowers are harvested in late summer or early autumn and dried for spring use.  Two to three weeks before pollen season drink 2 cups of the tea daily, using 2 tsp. dried flowers per 1 cup boiling-hot water.  Continue drinking the tea until the pollen season has ended.

Cautions: Avoid with issues of heart disease.

Beverage  In addition to the medical properties a tea from Goldenrod  produces a tea so flavorful that it has long been used in this country as a beverage.  After the Boston Tea Party Americans turned to other plants for tea and may have found that this plant produced a suitable alternative.  It was at one time exported to China.

Kidney aid – Solidago is a traditional kidney tonic. It has aquaretic (constituents that bind to vasopressin receptors in the renal collecting duct promoting excretion of solute-free water), anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic action and seems to increase kidney output. This makes it useful as an agent to counter inflammation and irritation of the kidneys when bacterial infection or stones are present.  The aquaretic action is also useful in helping to dissolve kidney stones by diluting their components and preventing them from reoccurring.

 Urinary aid – Goldenrod tea is good for weak bowels and also strengthens bladder tone when the bladder has lost its muscular energies.  Tincture of Goldenrod mixed with equal parts of Pipsissewa tincture can be taken as a three week tonic that creates a synergistic therapeutic effect on the urinary system.

Veterinarian aid – Goldenrod is a powerful digestive aid .  It is also used to treat jaundice and other problems with the liver.  For liver problems, as well as treating upper respiratory problems such as catarrh,  make a strong tea of Goldenrod, using ½ cup dried herb per pint of boiling hot water.  Administer twice daily in 1 Tbsp. doses for cats, ¼ to ½ cup for medium to large dogs, goats or sheep and 1 pint for horses, cows and pigs. 

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