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Dream Well Tea
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Listing Date : 11/9/2012 10:50:36 PM
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Dream Well Tea
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If you have problems relaxing, getting to sleep, or want to have a more vivid or memorable dream life, this is the tea for you. Made from a triple whammy of hops flowers, lavender flowers and mugwort, this 100 % organic tea is sure to do the trick. 

Lavender has long been used as a relaxant, and the aroma of the lavnder-laden tea is lovely. (Lavender also aids in digestion and tummy upset- so if that is a problem keeping you awake this tea helps in that regard, too).

Hops are a nice mild sedative (most people know them for their role in beermaking, but less so for their medicinal properties of digestive aid, sleep treatment, and (because of some of its mild estrogenic qualities it is a great cure) for menopausal insomnia.)

Mugwort has long been known as a Witchy herb that offers protection. Many use it to invoke a vivid, insightful dream life.

This listing is for 3 oz of tea, which is approximately a quart size bag of loose tea.

This tea is also used in my custom dream pillows. If you prefer to have a sachet made with a sigil involving restful sleep, meaningful dreams, and a connection to the all-there-is, I can do that for you. Please message me for information.

Sold Out.
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