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WoodsWoman Medicine Kit ~ 7pc Collection ~
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Ananda (95)
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WoodsWoman Medicine Kit ~ 7pc Collection ~
Sold Out.



A MEDICINE-WOMAN'S 7 piece Herbal First Aid Collection

{Twice the quantity of each herbal as the 5 pc collection, PLUS two extra items: a bear medicine pouch and a roll-on Patchouli-Cedar-Vetiver oil blend}

Beautiful, versatile, effective herbal remedies for your days in the woods, fields, camping, adventuring, or hiking!

Disclaimer: *Not to be used in place of proper medical care!* These are not meant to prescribe or diagnose. They are simply time-tested helpful natural remedies for basic non-emergency treatment of minor first aid and common ailments.



WoodsWoman Medicine Balm

For use as an all purpose soothing, healing, protective and analgesic salve. 

Poplar and Alder, two trees with remarkable pain releiving action make the base for this versatile balm. Poplar buds, being resinous and antimicrobial, help arrest germs and stop the spread of potential infection as a wound heals. Alder, also anti-inflammatory, is cooling and soothing to the skin, and helps the tissues come back to balance during healing. For sprains and muscle soreness, these two make a great team - but the addition of a generous amount of fresh spruce resin turns this salve into a powerhouse healer.

Conifer resins are know for their antibiotic properties (this is why bees make propolis from tree resin to protect their hives), and have been used throughout history to draw out foreign objects from the skin like splinters, rock debris, or dirt particles. The aromatic volatile oils help numb topical pain while speeding the healing of skin tissue. It's an excellent ally to keep near, and this salve is packed with it, but in an easier to use form than plain resin (though I use that a lot too ;) )

Note: For use on open wounds, only use after wound is fully cleaned with water, wound is assesed, and salve use is determined appropriate. 

Ingredients: Fresh wildcrafted black poplar buds and fresh alder leaves, twigs & bark infused in XV olive oil, Fresh wildcrafted Norway spruce resin, beeswax, pure essential oils of Juniper heartwood ("Cedarwood"), Black Birch, and Rosewood.  {2 oz amber glass jar}


Yarrow Tincture

A remarkable herb for wounds, yarrow helps stop bleeding, inhibits germs, cleans the wound, helps dull pain, and works on various types of cuts, minor puncture wounds, and messy abrasions.Yarrow effectively soothes itchy poison ivy rashes, can help break a fever, and can soothe a sore throat and prevent further viral activity. Yarrow is also a very helpful mosquito repellant when used externally. 

Contains: Fresh wildcrafted Yarrow flowers and leaves extracted in vodka. {2 oz amber dropper bottle}

Woodswoman Deep Breath Tincture

Lobelia - Osha

When allergies or altitude fluctuations have us a little short in the breath, this combination will quickly open our lungs and facilitate deeper breathing. Can be helpful for those with non-emergency wheezing and chest congestion. 

Use also for topical site releif of bites and stings. Alternate or combine with yarrow and clay if desired.

Contains: Fresh wildcrafted Lobelia (whole areal parts, flowers, leaves & seeds), whole Osha root, Vodka, Grain alcohol, Apple Cider vinegar, Brandy- {1 oz amber glass dropper bottle} 

3-6 drops on the tongue as needed. Use with directions. 


WoodsWoman Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils are the powerful volatile oils of the plant. This blend is designed especially for common ailments of outdoor adventures. Its astringent, analgesic, and antibiotic properties make it an excellent addition to wound care treatments (dillute with carrier herbal like a salve or add to a powder). It will help soothe poison ivy rashes and help speed recovery. Rashes, skin infections, itchy feet, blisters, mosquito bites, bee stings, and can be dilluted in tincture or toothpaste for a last resort toothache remedy. 

A specially blended formula based on many days in the woods with kids! 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential oils of: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Clove, Myrrh, Blue Chamomile.  {10 ml amber glass dropper with orifice reducer}


WoodsWoman Herbs & Clay Blend


Herbal Clay blends are indispensible allies in the backcountry, where soggy feet or wet blisters can breed dangerous bacteria if left untreated. This is especially true if tromping through bogs with leg scratches or if blisters pop open and hiking must continue. 

Herbal clay blends also prove their worth in times of poison ivy, nettle stings, bee stings, heat rash, and splinters. 

Clay can be used by mixing with tincture, clean water, essential oils, and/or salve to make the appropriate application. Use *after* washing the area clean. 

Ingredients: Fullers Earth Clay, Powdered Roses, Goldenseal root, and Licorice root.  {1 oz by volume, plastic container}


Woodswoman Aroma Roll-On

Pure essential oils of Dark Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Vetiver make for a rich, earthy, sensual, and woodsy blend that is my personal preference over other bug sprays. Commonly used oils like emongrass, citronella, and geranium blends tend to not work very well for me personally, and also give me a bit of a headache. They often times don't last very long either, making it necessary to add more and more throughout the day, an unpleasant experience and a costly waste of plant oils.) 

This blend is a long-lasting aromatic base note for sure, and only spot application is needed on ankles, wrists, hairline, and any other area where ticks or mosquitos may target. For those with particularly sensitive skin, this can be applied to socks, bandannas, hair, and belts.
 {1/4 oz glass roll on}


Bear Medicine Leather & Copper Pouch

A simple gift to honor you as a fellow healer. Stuffed with wildcrafted & sacred herbs, and blessed with love, from me to you! <3



*ALSO available: smaller size 5 piece collection, see HERE


To your exploring!





Sold Out.
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