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Kings Road Apothecary Herbal CSA 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION
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Location: California, United States
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Listing Date : 12/31/2012 5:16:44 PM
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Kings Road Apothecary Herbal CSA 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION
Sold Out.

6 months in advance at a discounted rate! Save $50. 

Kings Road Apothecary is happy to announce its newest product: A monthly herbal share box. 

Do you want to feel more closely connected to nature? Are you interested in knowing more about the seasons, and living in harmony with them? Want to start using herbal products or cooking with wild harvested ingredients but don't know where to start? Do you want little tidbits of information about herbs without having to get too in depth or learn about stuff that doesn't apply to you and your family? 

We can help! 

Here's how it works: 

Every month, you get a box delivered to your front door. In it you'll find a selection of hand crafted goodies, made from wildcrafted ingredients. Each month you'll feel pampered and looked after, plus you'll receive information on how to use these ingredients. By default you'll be brought closer to nature (ingesting and using things that come directly from nature) and your surroundings, if you live in the LA area (use wild things that come from this area and you can't HELP but be more closely connected to it). Each month (except August) is a surprise, but will contain four or five of any of the following: 

Scented herbal room spray

Herbal lotion (sage, rosemary, bay and mint)

Infused honey (jeffrey pine infused honey is divine)

Herbal face cream (think rose-infused, age-defying goodness)

Infused body oil 
Scented body scrub

Herbal bitters blends


Infused spirits (spiced rum? Spruce tip vodka?)

Hand made scented candle 

Tea blend made from wild gathered plants

Various seasonal tinctures (detox in the spring, cooling in the summer, nourishing in the winter)

Salves (sunburn, chapped winter hands)

Culinary herb blends

Herbal syrups (have you ever tasted white fir infused syrup?)

Oxymel (elderberry oxymel anybody?)

Infused oil (Douglas fir infused olive oil makes for delicious lunches)

There won't be repeat months in a row- so you don't need to worry about ending up with too many tinctures or creams in your cupboard at once... 

Each box will have an overall theme or purpose- for example the August box will be all about the heat of Summer- with a Cactus-rose Salve, for sunburn, heat rash and skin irritation; a local herbal salt blend, made from wild-gathered herbs and chunky celtic sea salt, that is delicious on grilled meats or vegetables; a cooling and tonifying herbal infused face and body spritzer, for refreshing during the hottest part of the day; and a Calming Heat Relief Tincture- to take daily to help deal with heat symptoms and the aggravation that comes along with them. Plus a surprise. Surprises are fun.

Each box also comes with a print-out, giving information on the season, and how to take care of yourself better during that season. A description of each of the ingredients, and instructions and suggestions of how to use them. For example, tidbits on why the cactus in the sunburn salve is so useful, a breakdown of what's in the tincture and why it works, and recipes for the salt blend. 


You can subscribe in two ways: 

Six months in advance, at a discounted rate, gets you six months of delivery boxes .

Monthly- you can choose to subscribe each month as you go- payment due a month in advance. For example to subscribe to the August box, which is mailed out on August 15th, payment is due by July 15th (after that you'll be subscribed to the month after). 

Sold Out.
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