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Sisters of the Moon:Massage Oils for Women
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Sisters of the Moon:Massage Oils for Women
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We are women, we are Sisters of the Moon

This healing and potent set of oils for women's self care allies us with our strength and beauty as women and as sisters of the Moon.

This duo includes a Breast Massage Oil and Uterine Massage Oil- both made from potent wildcrafted plants infused into olive and sesame oils- therapuetic essential oils and flower essences.  These are gentle and effective for daily or weekly use as part of your regular self care regime (including self breast massage and womb care) or as part of a therapuetic regime with Abdominal/Uterine Massage and/or Lymphatic breast massage.

These oils support the healthy flow of lymph, blood, and qi in the breast and uterine tissue- and foster a sense of self love, self care, aligning with our inner radiance and passion,  alliance with the sisterhood of women, and tuning into the energy of the moon cycles.

Breast Massage Oil- 2 oz

For lymphatic support, blood flow, and expressing our inner beauty and radiance from of a place of self love.  Perfect for daily or weekly breast massage, or during times of the month when breasts are tender or swollen during the cycle.

Dandelion flower, violet leaf, chickweed, rose, sweet clover, olive oil, sesame oil, e.o of geranium, lavender, ylang ylang & tagetes, sassafras flower essence.

Uterine Massage Oil - 2 oz

Excellent for use during menstruation or during the premenstrual time- for cramping, improved circulation and clearing of stagnation and to tune into our core purpose, passion and sensuality of the root and sacral chakras

Mugwort, Sweet Clover, Juniper, Frankincense, Myrrh, Goldenrod, Olive oil, e.o. of Vetiver, Ginger, Tulsi & Clary Sage, Ocotillo Flower Essence


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