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Chaparral Salve (Larrea tridentata) - 1/2 oz Travel Wand
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Listing Date : 7/21/2012 3:33:16 AM
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Chaparral Salve (Larrea tridentata) - 1/2 oz Travel Wand
Sold Out.

Highly prized and sought after by herbalists from all over, this salve is made from the powerful leaves of the Creosote Bush, Chaparral or Larrea tridentata. 

This product has long been a favorite of friends and clients all over. I make my chaparral infused oil with FRESH leaves, wildcrafted ethically from the Sonoran Desert. Many salves like this on the market today are made with dried leaves. But you can smell the difference. Just like the desert after a rainstorm. 

Combined with soothing olive oil and infused for weeks in the desert sunshine, this salve is finished off with beeswax. No essential oils, no additives, nothing but larrea, olive oil and beeswax. 

Larrea is known mostly as a strong antifungal and disinfectant, but is also used for skin growths, viral infections (like herpes), eczema/psoriasis, burns, bites/stings, rashes, wounds and more! 


Now in a convenient 1/2 oz travel wand, like a large lip balm tube, perfect for on the go applications, tossed in your day pack or purse.  

Sold Out.
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