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Sweet Everlasting Immortelle/Melissa Concentrated Serum Oil
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Ananda (95)
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Sweet Everlasting Immortelle/Melissa Concentrated Serum Oil
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Sweet Everlasting

concentrated skin repair serum oil, from the

~Intensive Skin Repair Collection~

With Immortelle, Tamanu, Melissa, and Wildflowers


Classic anti-inflammatory wildflowers, herbs & pristine botanical essential oils come together in a beautiful summer bouquet to soothe, cool, and deeply repair all the layers of your skin, as well as uplift your spirits with joyful aromatherapy. 

Some say Immortelle is the veritable fountain of youth - with skin rejuvenating properties that help retain youthful suppleness to mature skin, and help heal acne scars and uneven texture. It is an exceptional ingredient for delicate eye care and a remarkable healing agent for those in the later stages of chemo recovery where skin tenderness can prove very uncomfortable, or if one is healing a surgical site it can help the healing of the skin and possibly reduce scar tissue. Immortelle (aka Helichrysm italicum) is a valuable ingredient for all skin types and is used as a preventative as much as a healer. 

*(Please note it should *not* be used by those with severe aster allergy)

Here in this collection, Immortelle works in concert with an orchestra of beautifying plants and plant essential oils, in deeply nutritious fixed oils like organic avocado, virgin coconut, and emollient virgin olive, with jojoba and tamanu as well. 

Only 100% pure ingredients, organic and wildcrafted herbs, and NO synthetic preservatives, colors or any of that crazy junk. Handcrafted with love in fresh, small batches.

These formulas are very concentrated - a little goes a long way! 


Sweet Everlasting Concentrated Facial Oil

This highly potent facial serum oil is an incredible natural ally for hydrating and feeding the skin where wrinkles are, and for treating specific areas of acne scars, surgical scars, moles, irregular skin, as well as everyday beauty stressors like puffy eyes, dry patches, and sunburn. This is a GEM, and easy to travel with for frequent application. You can be sure it will be coming with me to the Women's Herbal Conference! 

Ingredients: Red Clover, Sweet Everlasting, Sage, Yarrow, Elder fl & lf, Peach lf, Calendula, Chamomile, Plantain, Oils of: XV Olive, XV Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba. & Tamanu oil, Pure EO’s of Lavender, Rose Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Blue Chamomile, Immortelle, Melissa,, Hypericum, Benzoin oleoresin. (1/3 oz glass roll on bottle)

Sold Out.
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