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Thyme Flower Essence
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Thyme Flower Essence
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"I shift perspective."

Thyme, as it names implies, affects our perception of time and our adherence to linear perspectives. Thyme helps us to blur hard boundaries and shift away from static linear timeframes that don't allow for variation that is abundant in our world. What Thyme helps us to do is notice the tiny important details that brings us pleasure. It is the details of beautiful living that bring us greater joy more often than large, looming (and at times arbitrary) deadlines and goals that are driven not by our heart's desire but a fear of not having a enough time to be successful.

Its ability to shift time means that Thyme is a wonderful ally when addressing emotional trauma from the past (such as early childhood experiences or birth trauma) as well as anxieties looming in the future (upcoming moves, graduations, competitions, reunions, etc.). Thyme loosens the bonds of static time, allowing us to travel forwards and back, bringing healing to those parts of ourselves dwelling both in memory and vision. 

The Essence of Thyme not only alters our perception of passage of time from that of a clock on the wall to the rhythms and cycles of our bodies and landscapes, but also has a special connection to the Good Folk, often called Faeries, and enhances our abilities to see them. Place a drop of Thyme on your third eye for a particularly powerful experience of time-shifting and meeting the Good Folk (be polite, my clever friends).

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In addition to taking Flower + Gem Essences as drops you can:
★ Add them to your drinking water, smoothies, and juices
★ Spray them throughout your work and living spaces
★ Rub them onto pulse and chakra points
★ Put them in your bath water

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1/2 ounce stock bottle preserved in organic vodka.

Dosage: 3-4 drops as needed throughout the day. Drops can be taken directly from the stock bottle or a dosage bottle can be made. To create a dosage bottle, take a 1 ounce bottle with dropper and combine 3/4 part spring water with 1/4 preservative (alcohol, vinegar or glycerin) and then 3 drops of the stock essence. You can then take 3-4 drops as needed from the dosage bottle.

Flower + Gem essences will last for many years if stored in a dark and cool place.

Purchase all four of our Flower + Gem Essence combinations in our Flower + Gem Essence Remedy Kit and receive over 15% off!

Learn more about flower + gem essences on our blog!

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