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Lip Salve in 100% .:COMPOSTABLE:. Tube
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Location: North Carolina, United States
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Listing Date : 11/30/2012 12:12:13 PM
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RosemaryandRue (18)
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Lip Salve in 100% .:COMPOSTABLE:. Tube
Sold Out.

Matthew and I love salves! We have created a multitude of them in the past few years, experimenting with oil infusions and wax ratios. The first salve we ever created, though, was one for the lips. Our proprietary recipe was drafted almost two years ago and we use that very recipe to create our Herbal Spiced Lip Salve.

This product features Calendula-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and local beeswax, and is flavored with the artisan spices of Clove Bud and Star Anise. But that's not the best thing about our Herbal Spiced Lip Salve...

Nope, the BEST thing about it is that it is housed in a 100% completely biodegradable AND compostable container! Isn't that incredible?!? We were so very excited when we discovered these amazing tubes and we just knew we had to get our hands on them. Therefore, the entire container, the product within it, and the label are all eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. The label for this product is made of BioStone, which is a paper literally made from stone which is applied using a biodegradable and non-toxic adhesive. So, once you're finished with your little tube of lip salve, just toss it out the window...or into your compost bin!

Directions for Safe and Effective Use: To use this product, simply squeeze the bottom of the tube until the stick of salve moves up slightly. Some additional excellent news is that this container holds 40% more product than the average lip balm container, so you will get almost twice the use out of our Herbal Spiced Lip Salve. However, the container will also experience some limitations. Do not allow the container to become wet as it will quickly degrade. Also, try to keep your lip salve stored in a cool environment away from extensive heat or direct sunlight. If the product melts or becomes creamy, stick it in a dry section of the fridge or freezer for approximately ten (10) minutes.

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil solar-infused with Calendula Blossoms, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Vitamin E oil sourced from mixed tocopheryls from non-GMO soy, and the essential oils of Clove Bud and Star Anise. All ingredients were purchased purveyed certified organic.

Purchase Includes: one one-fifth ounce (0.21 oz.)/6 mL completely biodegradable and compostable tube of Rosemary and Rue's proprietary Herbal Spiced Lip Salve, packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable material. Made with reverence, joy, peace, love, and the utmost respect for our planet.

Sold Out.
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