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Ixcacau's Treasure
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Ixcacau's Treasure
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Ixcacau's Treasure

This is not your hot cocoa mix!  This is food of the gods, and food for spirit, for heart, for journey, for sex, for love, for soul nourishment.

Ixcacau is the Mayan Goddess of Cacao, who bestowed her gift of Cacao on the people in a time of need- let her gift be your treasure as well.

This tea is a swoonably delicious combination of cacao, coconut, cinnamon and rose, with a hint of orange and spice.  Best served warm after an ever so brief simmer  (5-10 min) and steeping an additional 20-30.  Sweet, spicy, intoxicating.  Serve with honey or cream if you desire.  Or try grinding the tea in a coffee grinder before brewing for a stronger flavor and effect.

This tea would be a perfect accompaniment to a romantic evening of love, before meditation or journey work, before yoga or contemplative journalling or divination. Equally well it can be served at a tea party with your friends with almond nut and fruit tea bread as an indulgent and healthy treat.  

Please note that true cacao is a stimulant (theobromine, theophylline)  and may make you extra alert and energized, or may overstimulate you if you are sensitive.  But it also induces a state of bliss, heart centered openness, love, and joy. <3

3 oz loose tea in a tin.

contains: cacao, coconut, vanilla bean, cinnamon, rose, orange peel, allspice, star anise, licorice root, roasted dandelion root



Sold Out.
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