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HAPPY HOMESTEAD Remedy Kit : Organic + Loving
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Listing Date : 4/2/2013 4:40:02 PM
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HAPPY HOMESTEAD Remedy Kit : Organic + Loving
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Simple Remedies for a Loving + Self-Sufficient Home

Reside in happiness with the assistance of our Happy Homestead Remedy Kit. For the daily maintenance of a healthy homestead full of laughter, joy, and playful productivity.


A General Sense of Wellbeing is probably one of my most consumed teas amongst my friends, family, and my own home. It is a very nutritious and soothing tea with a slightly sweet taste made to set hearts, minds, and bodies at ease. Start your day with A General Sense of Wellbeing and you'll be feeling pretty shiny with that crown of awesome a top your head. Please visit individual listing for full details!

CROAKING TOAD ELIXIR ♥ 2 oz Cough + Sore Throat Syrup ♥

Do you wake up wondering if you might be in a pond with all of the croaking sounds you're making with the uncomfortable predicament of a cough and sore throat? Fortunately, our dark green elixir is a soothing blend of healthful herbs to tame the darndest of toads! Please visit individual listing for full details!

BUZZY BLEND ♥ 1 oz Tea Tin ♥

There they go again! Our buzzy little bees are off on another adventure! Let’s help them land back down softly on the earth (or at least dock for some down-time) with our calming, soothing and altogether centering Buzzy Blend. We work with a lot of kids (whether as a nanny or herbalist) and appreciate the importance of children maintaining their equilibrium so they can explore the world in a mindful and joyful way. Buzzy Blend is full of delicious, nutritious and deeply calming herbs to balance buzz with bliss. Please visit individual listing for full details!

MILKWEED FLOWER ESSENCE ♥ 1/2 oz Stock Essence ♥

"I am nourished"

Milkweed is an incredibly nourishing essence, one that feeds the roots of our soul. For Milkweed, nourishment is getting exactly what we need by being exactly who we are - which is a wonderful lesson in living in maintaining the “I” in the myriad of roles we live as lover, friend, child, teacher, partner and community member. Integrating strong personal identity with common community vision. Please visit individual listing for full details!

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