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Sleeping Dragon Elixir
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Sleeping Dragon Elixir
Sold Out.

The Sleeping Dragon- the herpes virus- a common viral infection in at least half of worlds population- causes outbreaks of painful sores on the lips, genitals or body  and comes in various strains- HSV1 , HSV2, and Herpes Zoster (shingles).  While there is no cure for the virus currently, herbal remedies combined with diet and lifestyle changes can reduce the number, frequency, intensity and duration of outbreaks.

This healing elixer is for those who occasionally experience outbreaks of the herpes virus- cold sores, genital sores or shingles.

An alterative, antiviral, host immune supporitve elixir formula is helpful when combined with the Sleeping Dragon balm (available separately) and diet and lifestyle- to address occasional outbreaks.  Best if used hourly during onset and throughout acute outbreak.  Can be used preventively  as well on a daily basis to reduce outbreak frequency.  Comes in a 2 oz amber dropper bottle.

If you experience outbreaks frequently, it would be wise to consult with an herbalist to learn more about the ways you can change your diet, lifestyle and herbal program to balance and manage the virus effectively.

This is for the elixer only. The Sleeping Dragon Balm is available separately.

Contact me today for a consultation  shamana.flora@gmail.com


Elixir Contains: alcohol, honey, glycerine, alder, st. john's wort, rose, licorice, mugwort, elderberry


Sold Out.
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