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FORTRESS ~ Resins & Roses Botanical Perfume Oil
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Listing Date : 11/20/2012 9:37:26 PM
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Ananda (95)
Our Store: Amrita Aromatics & Apothecary
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FORTRESS ~ Resins & Roses Botanical Perfume Oil
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Resins & Roses

Botanical Perfume Oil



Resinous and rosy, this limited edition handcrafted annointing perfume is a botanical treasure. Perfect for self love rituals or as a gift to a beloved, this one will want a space in your jewelry armoire.

With exquisite Turkish Rose and sweet Tulsi opening, the mind and heart blossom and expand, lifting the mood, soothing tension, and increasing creativity and heart connection. 

Sacred heart notes of Frankincense, Palo Santo, Rosemary, and resonant Amber-Rose bring stability, harmony, dynamic aroma quality, and personal centeredness. The woodsy, herbaceous, and slightly sweet accord invites hope for the futire and solace with the past. 

Root notes of Myrrh and Amber bring passion, tenacity, warmth, and profound beauty to this perfume. Each perfume holds a teardrop of sweet myrrh and frankincense inside.


FORTRESS welcomes you to an open and safe heart space, a deeply rooted and grounded core, passionate energy, and invokes self love, appropriate boundaries, and generous reciprocity. 


{1/4 oz glass roll on} 


~fine print~

Amrita Apothecary botanical perfumes are carefully handcrafted in small artisan batches from 100% fine aromatics; pure essential oils, attars, absolutes, and oleoresins, in a base of stable jojoba oil.

As with most botanical perfumes, a patch test on the skin will give you an idea of whether it causes irritation to the skin or not. If it is irritating, the perfume can be used on hair, clothes, jewelry, and scarves instead.

Your perfume will last longer if kept away from heat and light. Over time, it will "ripen" as the plant oils continue to bond and marry, and you may notice some slight evolution in your item. Often it ages even better like a fine wine. 

FORTRESS is a medium lasting botanical perfume. It will last around 2-3 hours, depending on your personal chemistry and activity level. Plant based fragrances behave individualy for each person, giving you a special 'something' when you wear it.

FORTRESS is also a blend-friendly perfume, mix and match as you wish with your own favorite oils and perfumes.










Sold Out.
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