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TREE MEDICINE BALMS ~ Spruce, White Fir, & Poplar Salve set
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Listing Date : 12/17/2012 12:23:40 PM
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Ananda (95)
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TREE MEDICINE BALMS ~ Spruce, White Fir, & Poplar Salve set
Sold Out.



3 pc Set


 ~Hand Gathered & Hand Crafted with Love~



This gooey, unctuous, medicinal ointment is incredibly sealing and healing for the skin. Gorgeously aromatic with camphor notes, slight sweetness, and the balsamic warm depth of an old conifer forest on a warm fall day, Norway Spruce resin is one of my favorite local resins and homestead salves. I hand gather this medicinal resin and then gently melt it with a little virgin olive oil, and add just enough beeswax to firm.

Spruce resin ointment is ideal for hiking, skiing, outdoor adventures, and diaper rash care - for its protective nature (similar texture to lanolin), anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral actions, and moisture regulating effects. It is also helpful for drawing out slivers and debris from wounds. I often use resin salves on my daughter when she gets turf burn from plaing soccer. Great for dancer's blisters at showtime or after pointe class!

In the household, spruce resin salve is an ally for dry hands after washing dishes, healing cracked skin on elbows or feet, and sealing up the last stages of incisions or punture wounds after the deeper layers of skin have healed. It makes a perfect gift for the hiker as a blister salve and all purpose first aid ointment as a natural alternative to petroleum based ointments such as neosporoin or carmex.

Ingredients: Wild harvested with care Norway Spruce Resin, melted into Extra Virgin Olive oil, Local Beeswax.

{1 oz amber glass jar}


White Fir trees are among the most beautiful and fragrant of the Fir trees, gracing us with long, silvery-blue needles and mouth watering aromatic orange tones layered over the crisp fir tree fragrance. This tree grows primarily in the Southwest, but is loved by a few (wise) Christmas tree farmers out here in New England, and thus is found in abandoned tree farms and occasionally at Yule tree shopping venues. White Fir Salve is a more difficult item to find in commerce.

It is both refreshing and nostalgic at once, bringing comfort and soothing to all. A perfect Solstice balm for lips, hands, dry patches, and stubborn ecszema or psoriosis patches. White Fir Balm also makes a perfect after shave balm for the Men in your life.

Ingredients:  Fresh White Fir Needles and twigs from my natural, locally grown yule tree, infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Local Beeswax.
{1 oz amber glass jar}


This exquisite, aromatic salve is a healing balm to treasure. Poplar buds (aka Balm of gilead or Cottonwood buds) give a resinous, vanilla-like aroma that is both healing externally and grounding emotionally. The nuances of natural harmonies that sing of ancient forests and sweet stories always bring me home. 

Healing with this balm feels like the essence of applying a magical unguent - a memorable, mysterious aroma, rapid soothing, potent healing for minor first aid and warming releif for aching sore wrists, ankles, or neck tension. A wonderful antiinflammatory balm. 

I recommend carrying this balm with you when you've dressed in your feral witch garb or tribal wilderness attire. Or your badass utilikilt ;) It's a balm with a seductive personality and awesome versatility.

Ingredients: Fresh Wildcrafted Eastern cottonwood buds and Black Poplar buds infused in Extra Virgin Olive oil, Local beeswax.
{1 oz amber jar}


This set comes in a lovely organza bag, each jar hand labeled with rustic style brown paper and metallic markers. Imperfect and full of an Herbalists' character. 

**Ingredients are not listed on the jar** Feel free to print this description or request from me an email doc if you desire adjunct text for your salve set.







Sold Out.
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