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JUNE ~ Botanical Perfume~Linden.Lime.Rosewood.Agar
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Listing Date : 6/6/2013 3:43:45 PM
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Ananda (95)
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JUNE ~ Botanical Perfume~Linden.Lime.Rosewood.Agar
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~ JUNE ~


Botanical Perfume Oil


{Created for the Aromatic Muse Membership}



Inspired by


Linden trees, river basking, water flowing through rocks, the color green, beach glass, warm grass. Olde style stationery, Cherry flowers and woods.
Irrepressible sunlight. Paradox. Negative space, positive space.






Under the Linden Trees, in the river, at the edge of the woods.


Opens with a quenching and brief lime twist and a familiar warm grass nuance. Like the unfurling of a June morning, she cascades into woven apricot-nectar notes of fresh linden blossoms, tender rosewood and engaging champa. Warming the soul into an afternoon of long, deep conversation are balanced harmonies of coveted rich woods and roots. Like a sweet resolution, June carries a sensual, soft, and intimate drydown that wears close to the skin but remains longer than many botanical perfumes. 


Featured Notes:


Crown: Lime, Ginger Lily, Rosewood


Heart: Linden, Champa, Labdanum, 


Root: Agarwood, Vanilla, Orris, Oakmoss


For magic & purpose, June is superb for softening conflict, clarifying & affirming authentic choices (soothing indecision), liberating good communication, breathing easy a midst chaos, and divining with pendulums or oracle cards. Perfect for creative problem solving, collaborative work, yet equally delicious for cuddling under a tree after a summer picnic. 

An excellent choice for Gemini folks, airy or scattered personalities, therapists, and group facilitators.


{with other botanical essences, carried in a small amount of coconut oil. Shimmy the bottle if separation occurs *Should NOT be applied to skin that will be directly exposed to the sun shortly after application*}


1/4 ounce green glass vial

Sold Out.
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