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Organic Chaga Full Spectrum Tincture Extract 1L - 75mg/ml
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Location: Vermont, United States
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Listing Date : 9/5/2014 12:50:48 PM
Listing End Date: 12/4/2014 12:50:48 PM
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Organic Chaga Full Spectrum Tincture Extract 1L - 75mg/ml
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 Organic Wildcrafted Chaga Tincture

                             1 liter (1000 ml)

-    74.6mg/ml of extracted medicinal components from 3 hot water extractions (71.3mg/ml) and one six week alcohol extraction (3.3mg/ml).
-    Contains untreated granite mountain well water and 30% organic alcohol by vol.
-    Bottled Feb. 17th 2014 in 4oz blue-tinted bottles with droppers that dispense ~1ml per squeeze and in 1 liter bottles.

   Forest Alchemy is delighted to offer you this organic and wildcrafted chaga tincture, mindfully harvested and brewed for the benefit of all. The chaga was harvested from living white birch trees, from healthy forests primarily in Vermont, with praises and songs offered to the trees and their companions.

  You may already be familiar with the history and medicinal properties of chaga (Inonotus Obliquus), however there is a great deal of misinformation circulating about chaga and much research that is not widely known. Here at Forest Alchemy, we believe that knowledge of plant medicine should be shared freely and conscientiously. It would be difficult for us to do so in this description, but we would be happy to send you a file containing some of the best write-ups and research we have collected if you'll include a note requesing it with your order.

  We presently do not have direct access to the translations of the extensive human clinical work done in Russia and Poland, other than brief summaries. It is deplorable that more human clinical research has not been performed and made more readily available. However, there is a growing body of invitro and animal research available and an extensive amount of diverse anecdotal testimonials being assembled online that will likely lead to human trials soon.

At Forest Alchemy, we are particular disappointed to see that many of the chaga extracts and tinctures being sold include little or no information on the extraction process or makeup of their medicine. We would like you to know exactly what you are getting to the maximum extent practical, and therefore feel we should provide you with our full extraction process which is constantly being refined and reviewed against the latest research.

Extraction Process:

  Cleaned fresh whole chaga was finely blended with untreated refreshing granite mountain well water water in a commercial blender, simmered for at least 7 hours in stainless steel, cooled, and then the filtered liquids were pressed out under high pressure. This process was repeated 3 times before the chaga grounds were soaked in a mixture of water and organic sugar cane based alcohol at room temperature for 6 weeks and pressed again.

  The alcohol and water extracts were then analyzed by boiling off volatile compounds with a resulting gravimetric reading of 3.3 mg/ml and 71.3 mg/ml respectively for the combined tincture composed of 30% organic alcohol by volume and 74.6mg/ml of total extracted solids. The total yield equates to 28.2% of the chaga's initial weight. The ratio of the chaga weight to tincture weight is 26.4%. Although the quantity of substances extracted by hot ethanol is typically far less than by water, these lipophillic compounds have unique biological activity and are required to achieve the full spectrum of chaga's medicinal properties. Extracts that do not at least provide such simple gravimetric analysis cannot be objectively evaluated for their medicinal content.

  Research notes on extraction: (One research study indicates that, in a 2hr extraction, 70C may be optimal for maximum preservation of free radical-scavenging activity although the quantity of hydrophillic compounds extracted was greater at higher temperatures. Another study found that the maximum platelet aggregation inhibitory activity was found when the mycelia was extracted with ethanol at 80 °C for 12hrs.)

  The extract comes in a 4oz blue-tinted light resistant bottle with a dropper that dispenses ~1ml per squeeze.

  If you are considering placing a large order, please don't hesitate to make us an offer. We'd also be open to making a custom tincture for orders of a sufficient size.

  You may also be wondering why our organic alcohol tinctures and organic vinegar tinctures are so much less expensive than other chaga extracts being sold online. The main reason is that we believe that in order to get significant benefits from this King of the medicinal mushrooms, our customers need to be able to consume alot of it frequently and that's simply not practical for most people at the prices being commonly charged for tiny bottles of questionable chaga extract. We also harvest all our own chaga, maintain all our own brewing equipment, and in general try to keep our costs as low as possible to ensure that we can continue to offer excellent prices as we grow our business.

  Although it's against ebay policy, we also greatly prefer to receive payment in cryptocurrency and would be happy to offer you support in getting setup and a discount for supporting the effort to recover our liberties to trade freely with one another.

  Thank you for taking the time to make an informed choice regarding this amazing gift from the forest. We would love to hear of your experience with our tincture or any other chaga extracts and are eager to share knowledge about this wonderful medicine.

Long life. Honey in the heart.
No misfortune. Thirteen thank-yous.

Sold Out.
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