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Inner Wisdom
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Inner Wisdom
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Inner Wisdom

Organic grape alcohol, purified water, Sage (Salvia officinalis), Elder flowers (Sambucus racemosus), Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), crystalline botanical salts, gem essences of Tourmaline, Kyanite, and Celestite.

Chakra Affinity: Crown, Brow

Planetary Correspondence: Moon, Mercury

Affirmation: “I am open and receptive to the infinite wisdom within and call on my guiding allies and spirits to show me the way.”

Within each of us an infinite depth of wisdom awaits us, if only we had eyes to see and ears to listen. This formula is designed to assist in ones connection with their own “wisdom voice,” as well as the allies and guides that see us through our lives. The allies are often reflected within the different kingdoms of nature: mineral, botanical, and animal. Each one of these beings reflects a very particular aspect of our own consciousness- they embody certain characteristics traits that we also carry. Thus, Inner Wisdom opens the book of nature and allows it to speak to us for deeper understanding of our higher selves. It assists in the learning from nature, so we come to know our own nature.

This formula is best used prior to meditation, shamanic journeys, wind walking, prayer, plant attunement, dream re-entry, and communication with spirit guides. It is important to take time to enter a state of receptivity to the environment, thoughts and feelings that arise. Ask questions around certain healings or teachings that are occurring at that time, and take the time to listen. Communication is a two way street, and while setting intentions and asking questions is important, even more so is stopping to receive the answer.

The plants used in this formula are teacher plants. They correspond to the upper, middle and lower worlds of shamanism: Sage in the upper, Mugwort in the middle, and Elder in the lower. Sage relates to the brow and crown chakras, and carries the wisdom of how to walk the spiritual path with practical feet. How to best bring ones talk into their walk and have both be aligned with the soul’s true path. Sage embodies the sacred masculine. Mugwort brings the wisdom of the middle world by teaching of the value and properties of medicinal plants, animals and minerals. By teaching of the natural world, we come to honor and respect the deep wisdom carried in it, and that our own beings are another reflection of that same wisdom. Mugwort embodies and sacred feminine and teaches the art of dreaming. Elder is said to carry the magic of the lower world, where all the spirits of the middle world reside. This plant teaches of the journey into the other reality and assists in gently shifting ones consciousness to whatever it wants to be aligned with.

The gem essences help to clear the astral body (Kyanite), attune to ones celestial guides (Celestite), and speed of the process of evolution and growth (Moldavite)

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