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Morning Boost Herbal Tea
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Morning Boost Herbal Tea
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The healing and nourishing herbs in Spirit Horse Herbals Morning Boost tea offer a great morning boost without all of the jitters that caffeine can give you. A mineral and CALCIUM rich tea, it also serves as an overall body tonic for the entire system. I go through periods of time where I will drink one or two cups of this tea each morning for a week to 10-days straight. I always feel SO much better and enlivened and can feel the far reaching effects of my body being nourished.


Includes 1.5-2 oz of loose leaf tea. Approx 30 cups of tea or more!

All organic and natural ingredients.

Herbal actions:

♥ dandelion leaf:: a highly regarded herb for its liver and gall bladder support it is also incredibly nutritious and is loaded with essential vitamins such as C, D, and B complex as well as the much needed and desired minerals including CALCIUM and IRON and potassium. Also used as a safe diuretic eliminating any excess water retention.

♥ nettle: to me there is no herb that gives you more bang for your buck! Heaps of vitamin C and iron, nettles strengthen and support the entire system. They are also great support for our immune system and current research is being conducted to prove that they help lower blood pressure.

♥ alfalfa: a very nutritious herb it is also packed with vitamin K and D, two main vitamins that are essential to building good bones. Alfalfa also assists our bodies with ensuring that calcium is going to the right places in our body and making sure it gets out of the not so good places like the lining of our arteries.

♥ Spearmint: digestive aid and just plain delicious!

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