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Breathe Easy Salve 2 oz
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Listing Date : 7/22/2012 8:58:34 AM
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Breathe Easy Salve 2 oz
Sold Out.
Breathe Easy Salve 2 oz: This rockin' little balm aids in decongesting and clearing your airway. It is loaded with mullein which is a wonderful plant ally for our lungs. Highly recommended for people with asthma or allergies or keeping on hand during the cold and flu season. It is also supportive in alleviating motion sickness as well as warding off nauseating smells.

Believe it or not Breathe Easy was a wonderful resource to turn to when my dog was sprayed by a skunk and brought the horrible smell in my house. I applied Breathe Easy liberally under my nose for the first 24-hours and it helped deflect the nauseating smell. Although I don't wish that for anyone, should it occur, I highly recommend Breathe Easy!

How To Use:

Rub liberally on your heart space, upper chest and dab under your nose. Invigorating and enlivening.


HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF (testimonial)
"Scent is strong and refreshing, but not overpowering. Plus the salve is soothing for irritated skin."

External use.

Safe for children.

Includes one, 1 oz tin of Breathe Easy with screw top.

Ingredients: wildcrafted mullein extract, organic oils of olive and sweet almond with essential oils of: rosemary, eucalyptus, scotch pine, cedarwood and lavender.

Sold Out.
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