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The Poppy Swap is owned and operated by LEOC LLC, (Love Each Other Constantly, LLC), a Washington limited liability company.

We are committed to providing a secure site that values your privacy. However, no internet service is risk free or guaranteed secure. To use the site, you will disclose specific personal information that may include your email address, billing address, phone number and credit card information. Unless explicitly specified in this Privacy Policy, we will not disclose your email address to any third party without your direct consent.

Be aware that the information that is exchanged among members, buyers, sellers, or employees of the site with may be accessible and potentially viewed by the public. The use of that information cannot be controlled by LEOC LLC. As such, any information you provide as part of a user profile, store front, forum discussion or classified ad has the potential of being used by third parties. Other people can see your buying and selling history as well as all of the details and history of your store.

The Poppy Swap uses Google Analytics to automatically store information including server, domain, time/date of your visit. We track information so that we may better serve the interests of our customers and improve upon the service of the site. Personal information that is provided by users of the site is stored securely but may be seen by those employed by the site or outside affiliates who are providing a specific service to the site. The Poppy Swap uses SSL encryption technology to protect personal information from being accessed by a third party. Credit card information is encrypted as soon as it is submitted and will never be accessible. If your browser or network design does not relate to the design of our site, we will not guarantee the proper use of these technologies.

Circumstances such as infringement of the Terms of Use or a legal investigation of a user may lead to the disclosure of any personal information of the user in question.

The site is in no way responsible for the proper or legal management of business transactions or sharing of information among users/buyers/sellers on The Poppy Swap. LEOC reserves the right to be involved in said transactions if there is a concern of fraud or other unlawful activity.

Please be aware that the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be posted and we reserve the right to alter it at any time. We assume no obligation to provide updates directly to the user in regard to these changes.

Failure to comply with the any of the conditions of the site or the use of Poppy Swap in a manner that is deemed inappropriate may warrant restriction from the use of the site. We reserve the right to ban any user at any time without explanation.

To remove your profile or personal information from the site, contact us by using the Contact link.


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