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Morgan Botanicals is a handmade company owned and operated by Jessica Morgan, Herbalist and Environmental Horticulture Graduate.

I grew up a naturalist, clinging to the arm of my momma and her picnic baskets and canteens of soup and spent many weekends under the pines and vacations in the forests and the deserts, in tents, in canoes, wading rivers, tip tops of mountains, in caves, fishing, gardening, all of it. She paved my love for life and the outdoors probably without even knowing it. I've always had a close relationship with the plants, like building little fairy houses or big ol bonfires, and whistling with grass blades or pelting someone with acorns and rolling down grassy hills or napping under old oaks.... the peace, the fresh air, the quiet, the play, the smells and the simplicity of it all is so healing and over the years I've grown quite attached. Whether it be wild or cultivated, to this day, this is where I go to play or to heal mentally during trying times. I'm continuing to learn that health as a whole is a blend of emotional health, dietary approaches, balance, spirituality and knowing that the body has the ability to heal itself, if we allow it too. I'm a lover of life and I'm all about happiness, and I'm happiest when I'm mingling with the plants.


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Today  you're most likely to find me roaming the wilderness oohing and awing and botinizing, wildcrafting, twig collecting, tree climbing, plant pressing, plant tickling, brewing and photographing; teaching in my food and medicine garden surrounded by children or crafting herbals in my herb shop.

I offer handmade herbals, medicine making workshops, children's classes, plant walks, garden and crop advice as well as private consultations and custom blends.

I live in the beautiful Loveland, CO area with my adventurous, twig and rock collecting worker bee husband and our four children, three of which were born at home accompanied by our midwife.


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