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Terms of Service Agreement

Thank you for Registering with Poppy Swap!

By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions stated below and are bound to comply with the guidelines set forth here. These terms and conditions apply to all users of this website without limitation.
Poppy Swap is owned by LEOC LLC (love each other constantly LLC).


Please be aware that you use this site at your own risk. Poppy Swap/LEOC LLC has no participation in the transfer of legal ownership of the goods represented on the site and is no way liable or responsible for any of the content, images or materials posted to the site by the vendors or buyers who are using it as a venue. We offer no protection, warranty or guarantee of quality or safety of any of the items sold or listed for sale on our venue. Poppy Swap/LEOC LLC is not responsible to anyone using the site for any loss, injury or damage incurred through the use of the site and is no way responsible for the inspection or content of the merchandise sold on the site. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

Poppy Swap takes no responsibility for the content or actions of any other site that is accessed through a link on our site. Users agree that LEOC is not in any way responsible for any damage that may occur to your computer or information while you are on our website. Participation with this website is done at your own risk.


Users of the site agree to abide by the current local laws of on-line business conduct and general laws regarding acceptable on-line contributions of content and are responsible for all applicable taxes. Specifically, Poppy Swap/LEOC LLC puts forth that users agree to comply with all local laws regarding the use, preparations and distribution of herbs and herbal medicines. Users also agree that they will not use the site to discuss, transfer or solicit illegal substances. Poppy Swap cannot enforce the FDA regulations in regard to labeling, ingredient processing, or standards of manufacturing.

Selling on the Swap

Our goal is to support your herbal business. As a seller on Poppy Swap, you will have a choice on how you set up your membership. We offer 2 membership options. You can pay a monthly fee of $10.95 for unlimited listings and service, or you can pay a monthly service fee of $3.00 with a "pay-to-post" fee of $0.20 cents for each product listing you create. This "pay-to-post" option will also charge a 3% commission on each completed sale. Sellers will be invoiced on the first day of each month for all fees accrued during the previous month of business. Payment is due in full on the 10th day of the month after an invoice is received.

We want herbal medicine to reach as many people as possible and we will do everything we can to promote our mission and make this community successful.

Items sold on Poppy Swap are limited to herbal products that are made by the individual seller or by a collective group of sellers. When listing an item on Poppy Swap, sellers are representing themselves to be legally entitled to do so.

Any vendor who is suspected or reported to be using unethical methods of harvesting, production or distribution may be removed from the site at the discretion of the site management. Any behavior deemed disrespectful or abusive to the other members or users of the site may result in loss of rights to use the site.

Poppy Swap will not tolerate products being sold that are manufactured with harmful chemical substances. Listing fees may be lost if items are deemed to violate the proper use of the site or are considered unsafe or unsuitable to Poppy Swap for any reason.

Poppy Swap prohibits the discussion, sale or promotion of any illegal herbal substance or herb that is classified as an intoxicant, narcotic, or hallucinogen or that is in any way dangerous for human exposure. If a seller is suspected or known to have any association or intention of using Poppy Swap to sell or promote such herbal material they will be banned from the site. Listing fees or fees of the site may not be reimbursed.

Poppy Swap cannot be held responsible for the legal status of your business activities. Please take the effort to ensure to that you are working within the guidelines of your state licensing laws and are following current GMP standards.

Seller agrees that all items listed for sale are in fact available for purchase and will be shipped in a timely fashion within 10 days from receipt of payment or in compliance with unique terms agreed upon with the buyer. Sellers agree that items will have an accurately posted description, be in promised condition and shipped correctly. The seller is responsible to insure buyers have access to payment methods and that communication is made with the buyer to ensure a proper sale. If a Seller is suspected or known to have received payment from a buyer but in any way fails to complete an honest transaction, the seller may be banned from the site.

Upon registration, Sellers agree to the terms stated above and enter into an agreement of payment to LEOC, LLC/Poppy Swap. Sellers will be invoiced on the first day of each month for all fees accrued during the previous month of business. Payment is due in full on the 10th day of the month after an invoice is received.

Shopping on the Swap

Please be aware that all items purchased on the site are purchased directly from independent vendors and there is no legal transaction made between a buyer and LEOC LLC/Poppy Swap itself.
When clicking on the buy button of any item the buyer is entering into an agreement with the seller to purchase that item.
The buyer is responsible for making sound and thorough communication with the seller in order complete a successful purchase. The buyer must provide a correct mailing address to the seller and is responsible to make full payment in the method specified by the seller.

Failure to comply with these conditions or the use of Poppy Swap in any manner that is deemed inappropriate may warrant restriction from use of the site.
We reserve the right to ban any user without explanation. We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and those changes will be posted to the Poppy Swap website but we assume no obligation to insure you have been informed of those changes.


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